The E2 Visa
The L1 Visa
The B1 Visa

The E2 Visa (E2 Visa Lawyer UK)

The visa for entrepreneurs to set up business in the U.S

Some of the Benefits of E2 Visa holder (E2 Visa Lawyer UK)

Ownership by Investor-: It allows foreigners to own majority share in US Company. Unlike many countries, there is no requirement that a U.S. citizen or resident own any interest in the investment.

Duration: – E2 Visa can be renewed for 10, 20 30 years . In a nutshell it can be renewed indefinitely.

Short Processing Time:- No waiting period compared to other work visas like H1B, E2 Visa renewals normally take 2 – 6months, For those investors making application abroad, the processing time may vary from two months to as little as two days.

Permission to Work In U. S :- The E-2 visa allows the principal investor to be actively employed in the investment enterprise. He may be paid salary /or draw dividends or receive benefits similar to those of United States workers. dependent spouses are able to work after obtaining an (EAD).

Ownership of Real Estate: – E2 Visa Lawyer UK Holders are free to purchase homes or other real estate while in the United States. Upon termination of E-2 status the investors are not required to liquidate these holdings. 

The L1 Visa

The L1 visa permits nationals from other countries to be transferred by their recent employers to enter into the United States so as to manage an organization, firm or to perform major function. L1 can also permit the holder to manage the start up of a new office or company. 

Who Is Suitable For the Visa?

To qualify for the L1 Visa, a USA firm to which you are being transferred to should have a branch or affiliate with your non U.S. employer. Another thing, employment in the U.S. firm should be of the same or higher rank such as managerial duty. You also need to prove your skills knowledge for a specific job.

Requirements of L1 Visa

The requirements needed for this visa include:

The foreign company that you work with should have a relationship with the U.S.The foreign company the USA Company should be active viable the entire time of your employment in the U.S.You should have been employed overseas by the organization transferring you for more than one year within the past three years be ready to perform duties in the U.S for the same employer.

Benefits of Getting the L1 Visa

Once you have the L1 visa, you can legitimately live in the United States as well as seek permanent residency. It also becomes easy to freely travel in out of the U.S. with an L1 visa. As an L1 visa holder, you can bring your family members along to live with you in the USA. Another benefit is that your spouse can apply for a work permit to find employment your children can also go to school.

The B1 Visa

What Is a Business Visa, How Can I Get One?

The business visa is used when citizens of a foreign country need a prolonged stay in the US for business-related (B-1) purposes. The exact instructions for obtaining a business visa vary somewhat depending on the specific requirements mated by the Embassy or Consulate of the nation from which the applicant is a citizen or where he or she is resident. That said; all business visas require you to submit a DS-160 form complete with photo ID in order to apply for international business travel. The DS-160 form can be obtained at the US Embassy in your home country or can be printed out via the United States visa website. Once the form is completed, you will need to schedule an interview with the US Embassy located in your home country, as well as pay a small fee. Depending on the Embassy where you are interviewing time of year, you may need to schedule your interview several weeks or even months in advance. Persons who show up to the interview are required to have their interviewer fee, photo ID, DS-160 form upon their arrival to the Embassy. Based on the outcome of the interview, your visa will either be issued or denied based on whether or not the Embassy believes that your international business interests are genuine. Individuals who are below the age of 14 or above the age of 79 are generally exempt from the interview portion of the application process.

Why Do I Need a Business Visa?

Business visas are for people who wish to perform business activities in the US for a period of at least three months although the time could be shorter or longer. Business activities may include but are not limited to conducting negotiations, discussing investments or purchases, attending participating in meetings, interviewing hiring staff, conducting research. Business activities that require a longer time investment such as running a business, working for the US government full time or participating as a professional athlete require a working visa or green card.